To customers, the insights from big data analytics is more of a convenience and hand-to-know information but for businesses, its value is an entirely different animal. It was only decades ago when data gathering was dominated by mailed surveys and cold calls but now, many companies are noticing the benefits brought about by data analytics.

Big data, in its simplest definition, is the collection, analysis and availability of huge data sets in real time. It entails the computational analysis of data to unravel patterns and trends that relate to operations, interactions, customer and internal behaviours.

According to a recent study by Harvard Business Review, in today’s society, there is greater priority being placed on agility in terms of product and service delivery. Customers demand fast-paced results and prompt turnaround times and with the demands on organizational agility there needs to be a parallel advancement in coordination and processes. With digitally networked enterprises, people are able to share access and take action with regards to information. Technology also facilitates better transparency and visibility in terms of situational awareness.

Any enterprise executive knows the importance of deriving insights from performance information in order to move forward in a smarter, better and innovate way. The trailblazers in data analytics recognize that two of the most important impacts of data in business operations are its ability to elevate the level of efficiency and its effects on the quality of information available that affects how decisions are made.

Efficiency: Data’s Advantage on Performance

The information and technology revolution we now find ourselves in has enabled end users to link data sets into performance and has played a big role in generating new insights integral to the process of elevating organizational productivity.

At Santa Fe Wridgways, we strive to make our processes more agile. With the available data technology, we are able to monitor all areas of our operations and operate with more efficiency than companies that unitize traditional intelligence solutions.

As premiere removalists, big data analytics enables us to develop competent strategies that result in optimal services. Based on data sets we compile, we are able to map better movement patterns, logistics as well as implement intelligent transport and administrative systems. Through an integrated system that incorporates data form multiple sources, we can transform our operational practices.


Here are three ways data will transform your business to improve your efficiency as a whole:

Expand Customer Intelligence – From a customer’s perspective, you want to feel valued. With the proper utilization of data, you can examine a broad range of sources that can feed into client history and aid in customer service and relationship management. By growing your customer intelligence, you are emphasizing the importance of your market and making them feel more important. With better customer service comes greater customer loyalty as well as expansion of your client base through brand awareness and word of mouth.

Informed Decision Making – Decision making that is based on analytics is empowered. With data quality and reliability, appropriate actions can be carried out with confidence in a prompt manner. Businesses need to be able to adapt quickly in response to emerging trends. With real-time access to data, decisions don’t need to be based on monthly statements; rather, you can be armed with real-time device level data that addresses real conditions within critical system processes. This type of quality data fuels increases in efficiency and enables you to operate with a lean, highly specialized team.

Improve Operations Performance – Efficiency breeds productivity with produces results. For businesses who want to remain sustainable and keep their bottom lines at optimal levels. The great thing about data is the feedback loop you get from data generated based on performance and service systems. These repositories of statistics and numbers are fuelling a trend of predictive data analysis that is able to determine schedules of maintenance, supply chain status and response timelines.

Customer Service Benefits

Gone are the days when data stays within the realm of developers and scientists striving to make sense of transactions. Big data analytics has risen to become integral parts of the way operations are managed be it in healthcare, transport, service, technology and much more.

The right analysis and usage, big data will fundamentally change business operations in both unexpected and diverse ways. With performance insights, companies are able to derive distinct advantages over the competition because of its ability to capture, store and interpret large volumes of data.

With Santa Fe Wridgways, you work with a company that values your experience and seeks to exceed your expectations. With a data-driven system, we incorporate vital information into our overall operational strategy. Stay ahead of the curve and work with the most efficient and effective removalist available.


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